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Archive of Early Works...

The Spire Project: Innovative Gateway... in The New Review of Information Networking.

Here is some of my very early works.
Regional Web Census '96     Effective Discussion '96     Responsible Publishing '97     Directory of Regional Resources '97
Below are the remarkably detailed studies on the resources, both internet and non-internet, that originally shot this site to fame. Though dated, these articles include some of the finest advice online. They illuminated the connections between information research and internet searching at a time it was not seen.
Searching the Web
Country Profiles
Locating Books
Searching Patents
Searching Trademarks
Company Information
Industry Research
United Nations Information
National Statistical Agencies
Government Resources
Imports & Exports
Newspaper Shortcut Page
Theses & Dissertations
Commercial Databases
News & News Databases
Finding a Library
Discussion Groups
Zines, Magazines & Journals
Personal Information
Researching Research
Further Links
Lastly, here are an assortment of additional projects and publications. The Distinct Aspects of Rapid Internet Research (abstract) ONLINE CURRENTS

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