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Just all about the Western Australian Economy.

Community Networking [responsible the Spire Project] just arranged for the BankWest Review of our economy to be published and we are proud. Finally, you and I have some good information about our economy!

1) The BankWest Review of the Western Australian Economy
October 1996 : Volume 2, Number 2 - 450k about our economy by one of our best economists.

2) The Premier's Budget Speech, May 1996 - by the Treasury Department
The very words of our leader.

3) Profile of Western Australia's Economy - by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia (Inc.)

4) Where Western Australia's economy is heading - prepared by the (Department of) Commerce and Trade.
An economic forecast of Western Australia's best opportunities for expansion into the 21st century,


5) Western Australia in brief - by Commerce and Trade
As the Economic Structure of Western Australiaand Trade Performance of Western Australia

6) About Western Australia Key Information for 1995/96 by Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia (Inc.)

7) Bankwest analysis - 1996-97 Federal Budget Preliminary Analysis - 20 August 1996

8) BankWest BUDGET '96 A Special Report (Released 20 August 1996)

9) Regional Futures - Challenges and Opportunties for Western Australia's Regions.
A Discussion Paper Prepared by the Regional Development Council and the Department of Commerce and Trade April 1996 Revised June 1996

10) Resource Map Project - by the Department of Resources Development as a PDF file

11) Minerals in WA : Bedrock of the Economy '96 - by the The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia. More related documents there too. 11) Why invest in Western Australia - thanks to Commerce and Trade

12) Western Australia - A Statistical Snapshot of the Regions

13) Western Australia A City - Country Comparison - thanks to Regional Development Council.
A comparison of regional Western Australia to the Perth metropolitan area

14) The Treasury Department has more on Financial Management of our Economy

15) Western Australia At A Glance (found under Australia at a glance) - thanks to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Twenty tables covering statistics of WA. Also publishes Key National Indicators, (social and economic) two and a half page table of current stats, and Australia at a glance, 20 short pages on Australia and Labour Stats.

16) Trade Growth Strategy - by Commerce and Trade.
A nice 10 + page supported with stats of where we should be growing (economically) and why.

Two documents have been a little too slow in being released electronically. Perhaps your email message will break the red tape and liberate this quality information.

1) The Small Business FactSheet:
The Small Business Development Corporation publishes a monthly analysis of the business activity in Small Business Sector of Western Australia. At four pages, dense with graphs, compiled by a great researcher, it is a brilliant document. Its given away freely from their downtown office, but not yet published on the Internet. Please release it quickly.
[your name]

Send the above to Small Business Development Corporation today.
mailto: Small Business Development Corporation

2) The Western Australian Department of Training publishes a monthly analysis of Employment in Western Australia. At eight pages, dense with graphs, compiled by a team of researchers at our Department of Training, this is another brilliant document. Its posted to interested parties, but not yet published on the Internet. Please release it quickly.
[your name]

mailto: Department of Training - Manager of Industry Research Section.

If you are interested in searching for information yourself, try these sites:

· BankWest
· Commerce and Trade - Western Australia
· Treasury - Western Australia
· Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia (Inc.)
· Department of Resources Development - Western Australia
· Regional Development Commissions - Western Australia
· Western Australia's Department Of Training
· Small Business Development Corporation
· Australian Bureau of Statistics

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