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Behind the Scenes
Copyright is the right of any author. It applies to everything I pen or type. Don't take this material and present it as yours. Having said this, much of the material here is available for public distribution if you don't change the text.
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I've placed this book under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. I realize the noncom clause can be misunderstood but my intent is clear. If you are commercially benefiting (beyond the cost of delivery), you need to get a different licence.

Given the original nature of this work - that few even comment on such topics as context and Q4 - my primary concern rests in someone preparing coursework or guidance focusing on many of these topics yet minimizing my role in bringing this guidance to the public. I need fame to make this guidance more widely known - and very little of my work is 'common knowledge'. I am not a professor, so the social mores of the gradual building of an 'international body of experience' do not apply.

Pretend to have derived this work and I will retaliate.

If you can respect that, then the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License is very permissive. You can, for instance, host a copy of my book on your website.

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The Information Research FAQ is another of my public documents released in an earlier manner for popular use and distribution. The short segment beyond.mp3 and the full Beyond Surfing AudioCD is also for public distribution. You can pass around, read/play or host as you wish provided you attribute, do not commercialize and do not alter. A Catalan and Spanish version of the FAQ exists, though you must contact the translator to see if they applied any additional limitations.

As an aside, over a decade ago, I bundled my complete website and made it available for hosting elsewhere. You can still see various copies of the early Spire Project on certain university and private websites. They are an artifact from an earlier time.

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Permission is granted for attributed use of statements in this website, provided such quotations are not longer than 400 words in total. I hope this helps. For example, you could incorporate 400 of my words - attributed of course - into a school handout or sales brochure and that is fine with me. An email to David (via the email form at the base of is optional. Requests for longer quotations are usually agreed to but get permission first.

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In the past, I have allowed large documents from my website to be printed and held at a public library. I have allowed a high school to pass out articles as handouts. I will probably say yes to your request but do contact me first if you need a different permission. Use the form at the bottom of

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