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Learning about the internet by osmosis may have sufficed in the past but as this website, my book and experience should clearly demonstrate, we can do better. Dream of an internet providing us quality, balanced and detailed answers. Now consider, would you like a helping hand?

Having completed my book on internet search skills, I am scheduling a blitz of library talks starting in Melbourne. There are many more talks and seminars to schedule - I will list them here as they are arranged.

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Recent Library Talks

Stonnington Libraries - Thursday July 19th 2007 and Saturday August 11th, 2007

Glen Eira Library & Information Service - Thursday August 9th 2007


Scheduled Australian Library Talks

West Footscray Branch Library - Wednesday April 23rd, 6:30pm to 7:50pm
539 Barkly Street, West Footscray (Melways Ref: 41 J4)
Bookings through West Footscray Library on (03) 9688 0292.

St Kilda Library of the Port Phillip Library Service - Tuesday April 29th (6:30pm to 7:50pm)
150 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC (Melways Ref: 58 C11)
Bookings through St Kilda Library on (03) 9209 6655 and an email address on

Glen Eira Town Hall Theatrette adjoining the Caulfield Library - Wednesday April 30th 2008 (7pm to 8:20pm)
Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield VIC (Melways Ref: 68 A2)
Bookings through the Glen Eira Libraries on (03) 9524 3623 and from

Ballarat Library - Thursday 1st May 1st (2.00pm to 3.20pm)
178 Doveton St, Ballarat VIC (Central Victoria)
Bookings through the Ballarat Library on (03) 5331 1211

Ringwood Library - Tuesday May 6th, 2008 (1:30pm to 2:50pm)
#4 Melbourne Street Mall, Ringwood VIC (Melways Ref: 49 H8)
Bookings through Ringwood Library on (03) 9870 0177

Belmont Library in Geelong - Tuesday May 6th, 2008 (6:30pm to 7:50pm)
163 High St, Belmont VIC (Melways Ref: 451 H11)
Bookings through Belmont Library on (03) 5243 2655

Kew Library - Wednesday May 7th, 2008 (2pm to 3:20pm)
Cnr Cotham Road & Civic Drive, Kew VIC (Melways Ref: 45 D6)
Bookings through Kew Library on (03) 9278 4677 and from their library events page.

Dandenong Library - Thursday May 8th, 2008 (7pm to 8:20pm)
Stuart St, Dandenong VIC (Melways Ref: 91A F5)
Bookings made by calling Dandenong Library on (03) 9238 1489.

East Gippsland Shire Library - Thursday May 15th, 2008 (7pm to 8:20pm)
22 Service Street, Bairnsdale Vic (in the NorthEast corner of Victoria)
Bookings made by calling East Gippsland Shire Library on (03) 5152 4225.

Sale Library - Friday May 16th, 2008 5.00pm to 6:20pm
75 Macalister St, Sale VIC (Eastern Victoria)
Bookings through (03) 5142 3368 or

Morwell Library - Saturday May 17th, 2008 10.30am to 11:50am
63-65 Elgin St, Morwell VIC (Eastern Victoria)
Bookings through Morwell Library on (03) 5128 5436

Mildura Library Benetook Room - Tuesday May 20th, 2008 3:00pm to 4:20pm and again that evening 7pm to 8:20pm
(Alfred Deakin Centre) 180-190 Deakin Ave, Mildura VIC (Far North West Victoria)
Bookings through Mildura Library on (03) 5018 8350


Talks in discussion

Coffs Harbour Library - perhaps in Late May

Mail corrections and additions to David with this form.
If an Australian or New Zealand library wishes to participate, start by reviewing this page.

Reserving a Seat
to the Library Talks

Each library maintains their own bookings for the library talks.
Please contact the libraries directly to reserve a seat.

Tell me about these Library Talks?
The talk lasts for one hour, followed by 20 minutes of questions.

I assume attendees know how to use the internet; how to toss words at Google. That is all the experience required. Novice searchers will learn a great deal. However, more experienced searchers will find this talk both confronting and inspiring. It is the nature of my work at the border of library science and computer science that my talks are equally accessible to novice and expert searchers alike - though experienced internet users will often get the most value from attending.

This detail is supported by the hundreds of librarians I have taught through commercial seminars. You can also confirm this yourself by reading the first two chapters of my new book, Internet Informed: Guidance for the Dedicated Searcher , published online here.

I am particularly keen to see younger, more savvy internet users attend.

I invite each library to alter the content to their needs, though almost all talks will include a discussion on:

  • The role of fame, of prominence, on the internet. Searchers should decide if they seek it. Publishers desperately need it. Internet culture is changed by it. Fame points to a solution to many of the frustrations of working with internet information.
  • The opportunities of precision, through the use of three field searches: title, URL and link. Proper use of these three fields open many avenues to explore and get us around the problems of prominence.
  • The magic of context. The internet obscures many of the normal clues we use to judge information. However, they exist nearby. I'll show how to retrieve some of this halo of supportive detail.
  • I will also invite the audience to purchase a copy of my book for the discounted price of A$50 (RRP of A$59.95).
  • Testimonial
    "David is an engaging speaker
    who leads the way in de-mystifying internet searching."
    -- Mia Mikin,
    Yarra Libraries
    I end with audience questions for another twenty minutes.

    This is not an author-talk about how I wrote a book. This is cutting-edge experience by one of the world's foremost experts on internet search skills. And it is coming to a library near you. I urge you to browse and confirm these details for yourself.

    "Don't talk to me of surfing and serendipity.
    I want results. Answers.
    Even to questions I can't quite articulate."
    The internet is a galaxy.
    It shares all the structure, order and organization of a galaxy.
     And like a galaxy, that order, that organization,
    is not immediately visible.

    Education does not end with an hour talk. Professional seminars may interest those who have a closer affinity to internet information.

    Scheduled Seminars

    Instant Reservations...
    Please reserve
    under the name

    Need a Tax Invoice?
    A receipt will be handed to you as you enter the seminar.
    seat(s) arranged by
    attention to:

    Seminars are postponed during the launch of my book.


    Tell me about the Seminars?

  • Listen to his Audio Clip
    Beyond Surfing   (about)
  • Read from of his new book, Internet Informed
    In advance of publishing Internet Informed, two chapters, those on Precision and Prominence, are free online to download and pass around. Pick up a copy at
  • Recognize the original content.
    Google's hidden field search terms. URL interpretation. Context-based quality assessment. The interplay between prominence and importance. So much of what David delivers is truly unique and not found elsewhere. Read on.
    Attended by staff from:
    (Bold signifies repeatedly)
    National Library New Zealand
    Reserve Bank New Zealand
    Trade New Zealand
    Australian Government Solicitor
    Australian Dairy Corp
    SAGRIC International
    Transport SA
    Carlton & United Breweries
    Victoria Police Library Service
    State Library of South Australia
       University of Sydney Library
    Marcus Oldham College
    C'Wealth Director of Public Prosecutions
    Australian Defence Library Service
    Defence Library - NZ
    Dept Prime Minister & Cabinet
          Canberra Library
    The Age
    New Zealand Herald
    Small Business Administration: Seattle
    Microsoft Corporation: Seattle
    <and many more> 
  • Notice who has attended ...
    Past clients include many of our best knowledge workers like state librarians, commercial researchers and specialists. In-house engagements include two state libraries, the DSTO (Dept of Defence) and many a government agency.
  • Read some endorsements.
    The Spire Project has attracted over a million visits, a cover article in the US ONLINE magazine and some beautiful comments. And this is just before publishing a book.
    Love your work... The Spire Project is outstanding.
    -- John Makulowich, USA Today columnist
  • Enjoy the metaphors.
    At various times, David quotes Shakespeare, stabs at the audience with a kendo sword, compares the internet to a galaxy, internet publishing like book publishing, discovering quality like opening a magazine and field searching like searching a library catalogue. Accompanying this avalanche of ideas we see the techniques visually with the help of a dataprojector. This is truly a performance, very visual, presenting complext ideas at their simplest in a concrete, memorable way.
    One approach to quality assessment is like paging through a magazine
    to see if an article is in good company.
    How would you find information not indexed by a search engine?
    Or at least not reliably found in this way?

  • Read of David's unique background.
    David merges Sociology, computer science and library science not only in the seminars but also in life. <read on>
  • Talk to David.
    Still unconvinced? Share your concerns. Call David on +61 403055544.
  • ... the VERY BEST professional development activity we have attended.
    -- Jill Sparks, Manager, Learning Resource Centre, Mildura, Australia.

    Need Further Information?

    If I have left questions unanswered, just call or email. I look forward to seeing you in person...

    David Novak
    The Spire Project - better ways to find information. [] Internet Informed: guidance for the dedicated searcher. [ISBN: 0975729918] This email form or tel +61 403 05 5544

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