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The form above is a complex creation designed to assist moderate and skilled internet researchers to move more quickly and make greater use of field searching.


1_ The script and form is intended to be stitched into the top of your homepage or downloaded to your computer. This will make it run faster. Permission and instructions to do this are written into the html of this page. This page is just html and some simple javascript so you need not be concerned with viruses.

2_ Copy and Paste a web address into the above form and it becomes a URL field search (http:// is replaced by url: if available on your chosen search tool). This makes local browsing very convenient. Remember, one aspect of quality assessment stems from a knowledge of other documents by the same author and publisher - something easy to accomplish with an URL field search

3_ Google currently uses the intitle and inurl field search syntax, Dmoz uses t: and u: while most others use url: and title:. The above form will ensure the right syntax is applied. (t: and u: are accepted shorthand for these two fields).

4_ The directories have been tweaked so if you paste a web address, it will search the directory to determine if that website is indexed, and where. Reference librarians in particular can use this technique to quickly find comparable sites.

5_ Some of the searches will request 40 results, rather than the default 10 or 20.

Suggestions welcome. Please use my feedback form.

David Novak
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