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21-22 May, 1996

David Novak
The Spire Project
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WA Webscan #1
Undertaken on the May 21st to 23rd, 1996.
Completed by David Novak (feedback),
as a element of the Spire Project.
The accompanying discussion and conclusion document is here.

This project is a simple scan of resources here in Western Australia.

1) Information of unique & general appeal is noted and detailed, particularly information tracking Western Australian development, particularly lengthy, well reasoned & graphically supported reports.
2) Sites are categorized by the type of information present:
      a) address and simple promotional materials,
      b) promotional information & information about the work and interests (ie Annual Reports),
      c) addresses for related resources
      d) research reports and statistical information of relevance to Western Australia,
      e) something else quite unique.
3) By and large only web pages with elements of d & e are included. I am the judge of content.

This task will serve to illuminate the types of information available on the Internet and our progress in publishing content of public interest to the civic/business minded Western Australian. At the end of this document is a discussion of content and a simple award ceremony. Thank you.

To automatically receive information like this document, join the wa-society or wa-economy forums! Your membership will assist this effort. If you are an information publisher, please join the wa-publish list and consider keeping us informed of additions to your web pages. Visit http://www.cn.net.au/     email director@cn.net.au or call (09)361 5782 for further information. Yes, this effort will be upkept.
Western Australian Webscan May 21st to 23rd   1996

Ministry of Fair Trading a) b) d)
· So very much detailed information about fair trading issues thankfully searchable, that I will only chose to note I did not find information which went beyond the advising role of this institution to discuss incidence here in Western Australia.
· rapid media releases of changes to certain industries (or to examine notices) Six, one page sheets just in first 20 days of May '96
- Taskforce to examine banking options for country towns (8/5/96).
- Media Release - Fundraising - Code of Practice (7/5/96)
- Settlement industry in WA has agreed to process a package of reforms (4/5/96).
- Media Release - Beware the Joker (3/5/96)
- Release of voluntary code of practice for public fundraising (1/5/96).
- Media Release - Capio Computers (1/5/96)

The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Centre (AMTC) a) b) c) e)
· A beautiful, austere, complete staff description
· Course material for degrees offered

Western Australian Government Health Supply Council a) b) d)
· Western Australian Health Supply Policies and Circulars
An impressive example of developing agency transparency. Several documents describe the councils work on tendering and purchasing describing the obligations and the recent need to reinforce this internally. About 15 to 20 pages in total on this topic.

Western Australian Electoral Commission a) b) e)
· Information on 1996 Kalgoorlie By-Election
a number of documents holding considerable information for this election. A great sample of what will come with full information involved. This By-election is now over.

Metrobus a) b) d) e)
· Have established a mailing list - (about what?)
· Possible Tourist destinations by bus (3 or 4 pages)

Family and Children's Services a) b) c) d)
· Volunteering in Western Australia
Full 40 page document about volunteering in WA. Statistical and researched. Some graphs. Published 14 December 1995
· Proposed New Legislation w/ Request for Comment (20k) Published May 1996
· Summary Report of WA Families - Our Future (124k)

Materials Institute of Western Australia (MIWA) a) b) c) d)
· Newsletter of length and depth - now into second issue.
http://www.wantree.com.au/~miwa/news2.htm & /news1.htm

Office of the Auditor General for Western Australia a) b) d)
· OAG Report summaries - each just under 2 pages.
15 summaries are online, 6 from the last 12 months:
- Management of the Public Bank Account Investments (August 23, 1995)
- Value for Money in TAFE (Aug 30, 1995)
- Public Sector Travel (Sept 19,1995)
- Hospital Emergency Departments (Nov 1, 1995)
- Contracting for Services (Nov 1,1995)
- Improving Road Safety - Speed and Red Light Cameras & The Road Trauma Trust Fund (May 1,1996)
- First General Report for 1996 (May 8,1996)

Agriculture Western Australia a) b) c) d)
· Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD) 4 pages detailed with informative pictures.
Industry Resource Protection Program http://www.agric.wa.gov.au/irpp.html
· European Wasps. 4 page detailed with informative pictures.
Industry Resource Protection Program http://www.agric.wa.gov.au/irpp.html
· Farmstay
· Fishcare government initiative

Bureau Services a) b) c)

Fremantle City Library a) b) c)
· Perth Metropolitan Weather report.
http://www.iinet.net.au/~frelib/fun.html - third down.

Westrail a) b)
· Perhaps this is the current timetables for these three regional services...

Commission on Government (COG) a) b) e)
· Not really certain what is here. There appears to be a number of documents describing aspects of the work of commission on government, but the structure does not suggest what is present. It is unique in that this uses a proprietary software platform (pdf) which involves an investment in time to see what is present.

Information Policy Council (IPC) a) b) c) d)
· The MIR Document, aging (92) but important
Managing the information resource
· A selection of small documents primarily guiding government agencies to use the Internet
- Managing the Delivery of Outcomes (a sample document for proposals)
- Publishing on Internet or other Public Networked Information Services
- Information, IT and Telecommunications Proposal Assessment Policy
· New romances or pulp fiction? Do libraries and librarians have an Internet future?
30+ pages April 1995.

Health Department of Western Australia

Environmental Health Service - Health Department of Western Australia a) b)
· A good little phone directory

Public Health Service - Health Department of Western Australia a) b)
· a collection of two to 5 page brochures are reproduced here. While I enjoyed reading what is found in the cigarette, these are far to brochure like to be of real community value.

The Library and Information Service of Western Australia a) b) c) d) e)
· the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards Film Screenings & Liswa Exhibitions and Events
· Blueprint 2 - opening new windows on information for Western Australians.
Strategic Plan for Library Services from 1996 to 2001. Open to public comment. 40 page text document. Released March 1996. Good informative content with statistical support.
· Incomplete version of the searchable card catalogue for the Alexander State Library.

Department of Land Administration (DOLA) a) b) c) d)
· Native Title in Western Australia - a 9 page report
· Changes to Strata Titles Act (with links to additional related documents) impressive 40+ page document detailing changes which just came into effect (20th April)
· Also : " Confused about Changes to the Strata Titles Act? Help is Available! "
· A brilliant use of the internet to track and display various statistics which describe the tasks of Dola - from land title searches by day & month to newlots/month etc...
· Issues 3 & 4 of Landmarks, a public-centered newsletter of DOLA activities.

The Western Australian Museum a) b) c) e)
· Descriptions & dates of the exhibitions and events planned at the Perth Museum, The Fremantle History Museum & the Fremantle History Museum.

Perth Museum a) b)
· Descriptions of various sections of the museum, which is not unique, but there are some really pretty pictures of our local sealife.

The Western Australian Maritime Museum a) b) c) d) e)
· Historic Shipwrecks of Perth 1656-1942
Brilliant example of what can be done with this technology. Complete work-up on historical wrecks on our coastline including detailed maps, legislation, everything. good 50 pages or more.
· Australian National Shipwreck Database
database index of shipwrecks across Australia.
· Batavia 1629: A seventeenth century shipwreck
4 page document with pictures describing one piece of our heritage.
· Tea bowls in a time capsule
Another brilliant mix of pictures and text, perhaps 10 pages, on another shipwreck. Though not in Western Australia, we are involved and besides, the document is so brilliant.
· Lost and Found - A comparison between the Mary Rose and the Batavia
3 page document on Mary Rose Ship exhibition (recently here in WA)
· Digital copies of both the AIME (Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology) Bulletin and Newsletter.
The Bulletin in particular is detailed and textual - the latest bulletin includes about 8 pages on the Batavia. Past issues are also kept here.
Middle of http://www.mm.wa.gov.au/
· A list of existing informal internal reports is also present, delivering effective organizational transparency. Instructions for accessing these internal but public documents are given.
End of http://www.mm.wa.gov.au/

State Contracts a) c)

EventsCorp a) b) e)
· What looks like a brilliant (though currently difficult to use) database of all the events, both great and small, occuring in Western Australia. Even had the fun runs and craft fares.

Perth Observatory a) b) c) e)
· Information about moon phases, and several comets et all which will be present this year.

Art Gallery of Western Australia a) b) e)
· Coming Events - but sadly out of date now.

HomesSafe - Worksafe Western Australia
· 29 odd 2 or 3 page brochures discussing one aspect of making our homes safe. These documents are quite detailed and while they don't link to other, international resources, they are far more detailed than the health promotion brochures.

Iinet technologies a) b) d)
· Brilliant links section with local information such as a list of all schools in WA on the net.
· Graphs and tables on modem use for the iinet system
· Censorship on the Internet including self-censorship programmes

Education Department of Western Australia a) d) e)
· Strategic Plan 1996-1998 - perhaps 12 pages? Good transparency initiative.
· Two Mailing lists for Western Australia; Outcomes and Reforms.

Western Australian Land Information System a) b) c) d) e)
· WALISnews - A quarterly publication reporting on current WALIS activities.
Detailed with perhaps 20 pages per issue. Now in issue 8, four of which are online.
· WA Land Information Directory - Searchable database of WA land information sources. Answers have considerable detail.
· Policies and Standards - as both html & word perfect docs.
Gives transparent management. Six documents currently, from 2 to 12 pages?
WALIS Strategic Plan 1994 - 1996 is another such document here.
· WalisAtlas - a small collection of project briefs ending with a detailed map graphic.
Currently there are briefs on Leschenault Inlet, Jandakot Land Use and Water Management Strategy, Local Government Policy Areas and several more - Each just under 2 pages. Is this the start of a long term project at placing info online or just a sample of recent works?

WorkCover Western Australia a) b) e)
· The complete 150+ page Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1981 complete with legal indemnity clause and, thankfully, a search engine.

Small Business Insitute of WA a) b) d)
· Considerable course material including sylabus topics.

Secondary Education Authority a) b)
· 1996 Calendar of Important Events

Office of Seniors Interests (OSI) a) b) c) d)
· Office of Seniors Interests Bulletin
Now in its second issue, this 4 page newsletter details issues like surveys for attitudes towards seniors, senior volunteering, respite care report etc. Prepared with the public in mind.

Ministry for Planning Western Australia
· Application Progress Report
Determine the progress of your subdivision request!
· Inside Planning (Newsletter of the Ministry for Planning)
Now in its second edition, this looks like a very detailed public description of recent work by this department to plan ahead. Includes a collection of items like Ascot, new parks etc.

Water and Rivers Commission a) b) c) d)
· Groundwater discussion paper and prelude to international conference this Sept. Perhaps five pages in length and Perth related. Very well networked in to further detail.

Department of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia a) b) d) e)
· Geological Survey of Western Australia Catalogue of Publications 1980 - 1995
Which assists in the sales of a wide range of publications
· Significant Incident Reports : Mining Operations Division
An interesting twist to industry transparency.
· public access to TENDEX, a database of Tenements and holders (I think). Requires a password which I think may be free?
· 11 single page safty bulletins of specific interest to mining operations

Small Business Development Corporation Western Australia (SBDC) a) b) c) d)
· They once had an electronic version of a 4 page document statistically tracking Small Business in Western Australia, however, they seem to have withdrawn it.

BankWest a) b) d)
· economic commentary on our economy. 4 page document well supported by statistics, but February 1996.
· Single page summary in simple language of Western Australian Economy (March 96)
· Financial Markets Update
A weekly commentary on the financial markets in Australia for the economically literate.

SafetyLine - Worksafe Western Australia a) b) c) d) e)
· Two papers presented by the commission just recently on OSH and the Internet and Trade in Occupational Safety and Health Services each about 5 pages long.
· Volumes of acts, amendments and guidelines pertaining to occupational safety, thankfully with a search engine.
· Significant Incident Summaries - providing detail (informative one page) on safety incidents here in WA.
· Information on work-related injury and disease in Western Australia, well supported statistically, by industry and by cause.
· The WorkSafe Plan for Medium and Large Business, perhaps 30 pages, and WorkSafe Plan for Small Business, of similar size, both available as a word documents.
· A (very) short list of Accredited WorkSafe Plan Assessors.
· An active Media release programme
· SafetyLine - The Magazine, purpose built for community involvment. Three issues online, but the latest is three months ago, for this two monthly magazine.
Middle of http://sage.wt.com.au/safetyline/dsh_ind.htm
· Jobsafe Smart Move and WorkSafe Smart Move, two highschool specific worksafe resource packages perhaps 30 pages each.

Ministry of Sport and Recreation a) b) c) d)
· Community Value of Recreation and its relationship to well-being.
· On several pages in this web site, we have lists of recent publications that are available in a printed format. This extends to a database of serials held at their information center.

Cystic Fibrosis Association of Western Australia a) b) c) d)
· A 3 page document about Cystic Fibrosis complete with links to further resources.

Totalisator Agency Board of WA a) b) e)
· Online Betting through the TAB
We can't yet bet online, but the information for betting is coming online.

The Chamber of Mine and Energy of Western Australia Inc. a) b) c) d) e)
· An an overview to the current state of the minerals and energy industry in Western Australia
· Minerals in Western Australia: Bedrock of the Economy.
Annual document detailing Mining as an aspect of our economy. 50 Pages plus with a number of diagrammes and charts. Appears to rest on most 1994 information.
· Guidelines for Mineral Exploration in Areas of Aboriginal Interest in WA
A 1994 paper (perhaps 10 pages) detailing suggested guidelines. Socially interesting.
Similar documents exist on :
- Environmental Management in the WA Mining Industry
- Code of Practice for Exploration in Environmentally Sensitive Areas
- Exploration Guidelines for Field Personnel
- Code of Conduct for Mineral Exploration on Pastoral Leases
- and more along this theme.
· Minerals and Energy Statistics
· MINERAL EXPLORATION: The future of the Mining Industry in Western Australia document from 1995 some 25pages? Considerable detail much of it general and descriptive
· Fact Sheets on many minerals - each document also mentions Western Australian documents.
· An active media release programme

The Law Society of Western Australia a) b) c) d)
· The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, and 3 pages on its successes.
· Email encryption for lawyers, three pages of text with links to download software.

Department Of Productivity And Labour Relations (Doplar) a) b) d)
· Voluntary Workplace Agreements - a Full booklet updated last on February 1996 providing a suggestive view in length of this change. Perhaps 30 pages?
· Five pages of more explanatory information of Awards and Workplace Agreements.

State Supply Commission a) b) d)
· Selling to Government, a four page document describing tender procedures.
· A list of WA's government purchasing officers.
· Annual Supply Report 1994 - five pages of statistically supported description of various tender purchasing details.

Independent Living Center a) b) d)
· Detailed descriptions of information held in the Independent Living Center Library.
http://www.iinet.net.au/~ilcwa/ilcpub.html & http://www.iinet.net.au/~ilcwa/ilcref.html

Department of Transport a) b)

Benet Meekatharra a) c) d)
· Gold Nugget Gallery - 60+ pictures of various nuggets from in and around Meekatharra
http://www.benet.net.au/gold3.html to gold15.html
· Western Australian Weather maps - actually for the world - up to date too! Includes forecast for Perth & WA from Perth Weather Bureau.
· Two pages on one of Australia's largest road-trains

Parliament House
· List of Members of Parliament, both council and assembly with contact details
second and forth item on http://www.wa.gov.au/parl/
· Report detailing the electronic availability of statutes and law as single page summary, 5 page summary with recommendations and as a full report in pdf format.
third item on http://www.wa.gov.au/parl/
· a small pdf document labelled "Presenting Petitions - Legislative Council - Legislative Assembly" 15k)
fifth item on http://www.wa.gov.au/parl/

Western Australian Tourism Commission
· The Western Australian Tourism Commission Amendment Act 1994 - is this supposed to be for public consumption? Thankfully this is covered by the search engine.
· A Wildflower Page and Calendar with six high quality beautiful wildflower field pictures. Calendar is some 20+ pages about what flowers are showing where, when.
· Western Australian Photo Gallery - Scenery pictures...
· Four pages intro to Discovering Western Australia for tourism. Great Photos.
This work continues with prominent events and photos held here in WA.

The Orienteering Association of Western Australia a) b) d)
The monthly OAWA Info Newsletter - now in its 15th electronic edition!! About 6 pages each.
· Not as a plug, but this community group even has a clickable venue map for Perth region and some sample orientation maps to WA online.

Australian Bureau of Statistics a) b) d) e)
· Western Australia At A Glance - twenty tables covering statistics of WA. Information is also available as a WKS (spreadsheet?) format.
· The ABS Catalogue online
· Key National Indicators (social and economic) two and a half page table of current stats.

Technology Precinct a) b)
· Technology Precinct is still an idea. Read about 4 pages of background on it here.

State Resources a) b) c) d) e)
· List of contact details and biographies for our State ministers
· Whats new in government agency web pages.
· Keep tabs on our State Cabinet Ministers with media releases. Each week we have around 65 single page media releases categorized under minister.
· 2 page overview, well linked, of government initiatives at promoting business in WA.
· A search engine for all government web pages located on the www.wa.gov.au site.
appears on most web relevant pages.

Fremantle City Library a) b) c) d)
· The City of Fremantle has about 20 pages of friendly info for those who live locally covering trash service to senior services and parklands.
· Tour of the city of Fremantle in digital photos
· Link to weather maps and a four day forecast

Town of East Fremantle d)
· Town of East Fremantle Heritage Trail - online with pictures of 18 sites along the walk each with detailed picture (and thumbnail) and description. Even offers an automated slide show!

WA Department of Training/TAFE Colleges a) b) c)

FreoNet a) c) d)
· a weekly gig guide for fremantle and reviews
· Bubblehead - Perth's Internet Music Magazine, a weekly no in issue 40. Pioneers reader participation.
They also produce a gig guide for Perth
· What looks like an in to the Perth and Freo music scene.

Regional Development Commissions a) b) c) d)
· "Western Australia - A Statistical Snapshot of the Regions" has great statistical detail. There are 20+ pages of stats on aspects of social and economic interest
· Western Australia - A City - Country Comparison in statistics with comentary. This document has perhaps 15 pages of stats.

Commerce and Trade a) b) c) d) e)
· Western Australia in brief - Statistical information on the Western Australian Economy in two pages with 12 brilliant graphs&charts.
An additional 2 pages are in the Basic Facts page on
· Perhaps forty pages of text about the issues impotant for those considering investing in Western Australia - the economy, infrastructure, the business environment - well supported by pictures.
· The World's Freshest Kitchen, Western Australia. A large document detailing the food industry here in Western Australia. 12+ pages on this topic.
· Western Australia: Your Information Technology Partner In Asia a large document detailing the advantages for technology firms establishing themselves here in WA.
· Information about our nine regional areas appear in several locations, particularly these nine two-page info sheets.
· Establishing a business in Western Australia, a booklet designed for overseas investors, contains a valuable outline of general legal principles applying in the state. A detailed 35 pages of material thankfully available as both one or several documents.
· Where Western Australia's economy is heading, a four page description in text released last December.
· Trade Growth Strategy - a nice 10 + page supported with stats of where we should be growing (economically) and why.

The Real Forrest News a) d)
· A publication of the WA Forrest Alliance - eight pages about the state of WA forrests.

Whats on in Perth and Fremantle a) b)
· one of several attempts at providing general and specific tourist information mixed in with advertisements. Some good information

Curtin University
· Curtin's Radio 6NR program guide online.
· Uncertain of what else is here


! Apologies for pages I have missed. Perhaps you can tell me of other sites for the next webscan.

What can we learn from this concise look at the type of information distributed through the Internet? I would suggest that there is more information currently available than expected, but that there is still a considerable drought of Western Australian detail for public consumption.

Many of the web pages visited are graphically elegant, and contain considerable information about the organization. Only occassional sites have information which reach beyond projecting an image to document our economy or society, or introduce other elements like legislation reform, information about important social and economic elements and dangers.

At the end of 1996, 11% of our society will have direct access to this technology (and more will have occassional indirect access through libraries, telecentres, Internet cafes or friends). The development of valuable content appears less successful. The development of useful discussion is further behind (and discussed separately at http://www.cn.net.au/forums/).

I will write a more detailed analysis of what I have seen these last two days and post it over the wa-publish forum. Email me for a copy (director@cn.net.au).

Award Ceremony:
We should all join in recognizing the work of certain groups who have gone beyond self-presentation and graphical beauty to illustrate how to use this technology for transparent public service management, community consultation, depth of detail and assistance with mixing local content with supportive international content.

Best at transparent public service management:

Western Australian Land Information System
For its online periodical WALISnews, 20 pages times four issues online, the WALIS Strategic Plan 1994-1996, and the six policy and standard documents in both web pages and word perfect.

Best at exploring community consultation:

Education Department of Western Australia
For its Strategic Plan 1996-1998 and by establishing two mailing lists - Outcomes and Reforms.

Best at depth of detail for public consumption:

The Western Australian Maritime Museum
For outstanding use of pictures, maps & detailed text in pages like:
Historic Shipwrecks of Perth 1656-1942 and Batavia 1629: A seventeenth century shipwreck

Best at linking to supportive international/interstate content:

The Western Australian Maritime Museum
For links with documents to national databases, international maritime resources and a full further resources section.


This document is an incomplete scan of documents of Western Australia web pages. Please excuse any errors which may have occurred in categorizing web sites, in scanning web sites or in locating web sites of local importance. This project was kindly undertaken by the Community Forums Initiative - an effort to develop community discussion on the Internet.


You are free to make use of this document in non-commercial uses provided the document is unchanged and complete. Further permissions from David Novak.

© 1997 David Novak (SpireProject.com). This is just one page from a much larger archive.